Ahead, brow experts and makeup artists share some little-known facts about eyebrows.

Why are brows so important to us? Here are all the bizarre facts you never knew about your favorite facial accessory.

1- Your Brows Can Have Cowlicks

Oftentimes eyebrows have cowlicks just like we have on our head. This is more likely to happen if you have wavy or curly hair, although it can also happen on those with straight hair. This is especially important to know because when you are trimming the brows, you need to trim in the direction that the hairs are growing. When you isolate a cowlick, you must notice the wave pattern or the direction it's growing in and work accordingly.

2- Brows are more active in Summer

Need another reason to take a warm-weather vacation? Here's one. “Your brow hairs grow faster in the summer because of the warm weather and the fact that we’re more active. In the winter, they slow down

3- Your Brows Give You Better Vision

The shape of your brow bone and the brows themselves keeps rain, moisture, and sweat away from your eyes so your vision stays clear. It's the reason you have eyebrows.

4- Mona Lisa Doesn’t Have Eyebrows

If you already knew this or never thought about it, we don't blame you either way. Just think of all the tourists taking pictures with the painting and never once realizing Mona Lisa's famous face doesn’t include the feature we’ve come to love so dearly. But a 2007 CBS report suggests either Leonardo da Vinci revised the painting (removing the brows) or they had been unintentionally removed when the painting was cleaned.




September 14, 2022 — Michele Melchiorre