Their Journey together started while working as makeup artists in the highly prestigious Bergdorf Goodman department store in NYC. Through the years they both became sought after and well recognized in the industry but never lost sight of their dream to create a business together in the field they were so passionate about.


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Michelle Melchiorre The Best Professional Eyebrow Microblading Courses and Tools

Michele Melchiorre

Michele Melchiorre has been in the field of professional makeup artistry for over 30 yrs. Michele has worked with numerous celebrities throughout her career. Seeking new challenges for the past 15 years Michele has focused on education, consulting and, exploring newer developing fields in the beauty industry, such as microblading and eyelash extensions. Michele consistently travels worldwide to learn the most innovative practices available today.

Paige Conner The Best Professional Eyebrow Microblading Courses and Tools

Paige Conner

Paige Conner has been a leader in makeup artistry for the last 30 years. With her work at CNN, The Atlanta Falcons and With her childhood affiliation with AFTRA/SAG, Paige has been able to retain her affiliations with numerous celebrities over the years. Paige is a Master Aesthetician, a business spa owner, and Lash extensionist for 15 years.

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